High Quality Capacitors

Found on all Baseline amplifiers, these audiophile grade capacitors add broader range and clarity  to your music

Your Choice of vacuum tubes

Offered on our Juno 20 and 30 lines, Baseline Amps has partnered with Tube Depot to bring you a wide selection of vacuum tubes. Choose from JJ Electronics, Electro-Harmonix, Tung-Sol and Mullard power and preamp tubes.

Edcor Output Transformers

Arguably the single most important component in an amplifier, the output transformer plays a critical role in shaping an amplifiers sound. Edcore Transformers is a high quality, American made audio transformer manufacturer, and is exclusively offered on the  Juno 30 amplifier.

Q & A

Where is the circuit made?

A portion of the circuit is made in China, the remainder is made here in the United States. 


Where is the chassis made? 

All the wood working is done by hand in our shop in Irvine California.


What kind of wood do you use to make the chassis? Do you use solid hardwood, or a veneer?

Walnut, with a wenge inlay.  All our wood is solid, we never use veneer.


Can I choose which volume knob I want?

Yes, The Juno 10, 20 and 30 are all available with either a polished stainless steel knob, or industrial plastic knob.


What kind of tubes come with the Juno 10?

(2) Shuguang EL34-B output tubes, (2) NOS 6H9C, and (1) Ruby Shuguang 5Z3P rectifier tube


If I order one of your amps today, when will it arrive?

Typically one to three weeks. 

Occasionally we will require longer lead times, as our suppliers do not always have the stock we require. Additionally our output transformers are all made to order, which can lead to delays should we receive large orders inclusive of the Edcor transformer.


What upgraded components make the biggest difference in sound quality? 

In our opinion, its the Edcor output transformers, and the Auricap Inter-stage Capacitors.


What so great about a Class A vacuum tube amp?

This is really two questions, why Class A, and why tubes?

In a nutshell, Class A amps are highly inefficient, but produce the highest sound fidelity. A Class A amp (whether transistor or tube) operates in an “always on” state, which in turn produces heat and accounts for the Class A’s inefficient operation. However, the benefit outweighs the inefficient operation, as the sound reproduction is the most accurate among all classes of amplifiers.

Transistors vs Vacuum Tubes – This is a complex topic, but tubes offer a warmer, smoother more dynamic tone than a transistor-based circuit.  Why? Because tubes are highly linear, clipping is significantly smoother, the dynamic range of a tube is wider than a typical transistor (due to much higher voltages) and circuit design is simpler than a transistor-based circuit.

Combining the advantages of each (vacuum tubes and class A circuitry) produces superior sound reproduction.


I want to run this wirelessly, how do I do that?

For the truest streaming sound quality, we recommend an external device, such as the Bluesound Node 2i with built in DAC. 

A Bluetooth / RCA adapter will allow you to stream music directly from your phone (or another device) to your Juno amplifier, but we highly recommend the use of a digital analog converter (DAC). This will give you the highest sound quality.


What speakers sound best?

Class A amps generally produce a low wattage signal, therefore more sensitive speakers generally sound best. 


Does the Juno amp contain an auto bias circuit?

It does not, all tubes are tested and guaranteed to match before they leave our shop. 


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